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Tequila Summer Racing Series 2019 (FREE NO ENTRY FEE REQUIRED)

 Race#   Date of Race   LOW Tides

#8…..Sept 28, 2019   7:23AM (0.6),     7:59PM (0.4)     (12:00PM Warning/12:05 Start)

#7…..Sept 14, 2019    8:07AM (1.0),    8:34PM (0.7)

#6…..Aug 31, 2019     8:25AM (0.8),     9:09PM (0.2)    (12:00PM Warning/12:05 Start)

#5…..Aug 17, 2019    9:06AM (1.1),     9:39PM (0.4)

#4…..July 27, 2019      3:27AM (1.4),    4:47PM (0.3)

#3…..July 13, 2019      5:11AM (1.3),   6:08PM (-0.1)

#2…..June 22, 2019   11:25AM (1.4),    —————-

#1…..June 8, 2019     11:49AM (1.4),    —————-

Possible Race Participants: (If I should notify anyone else please tell me.)

Frank Brown Dragon Fly 954-648-5838

Jay Roth  Weird Kitty  239-293-7555

Patrick Evans  Sundance 630-803-6511

Marty Wasmer Finn 239-269-5925

Jason Richards T-Bone  727-723-5335

Dan Spence Vagabond 239-784-3588

Terry Nauck Grand Crue  440-759-1309

Dave Huntington   Shock 239-963-8806

Tom Horner Eroica 612-801-3200,,,,,,

Suggested dates, times, etc.

Racing dates: June 8 until Sept 28, 2019

Start time: 11:00AM Warning, 11:05 START (all boats charge the line)

ENDING Time: 2PM or before

MOST RACERS WANT TO STAY CLOSE TO GORDON PASS in case of inclement weather coming up fast. Last year we started off GP and it worked out very well. No storms last year.

Start: All Boats start together.

Start Call: Patrick Evans will call the start times from his ship-to-shore.

Start Location:  At the mouth of Gordon Pass just West of the short green marker.

Turn: At Naples Pier and sail back to just West of the Gordon Pass short green marker.

End: Please call in your ending time to Patrick over ship-to-shore (72) if a close finish and you finish ahead of Sundance.

PHRF: Fastest boat wins. If two or more boats have spinnakers please feel free to fly them.

Any changes will be emailed to you on the Friday prior to race date or stated by ship-to-shore close to race starting time. Course suggestions are welcome.

If the weather is good we may enjoy two races.

Last summer A few boats dropped anchor off Keewaydin and swam.

Patrick Evans,, 630-803-6511

March 2 2019 – Uploaded the list of annual regatta sponsors here.

Jan 29th- Uploaded the fall SW FL SAILING 2019-2020 REGATTA Calendar

Please note that GCSC also administers the website which allows you to sign up for the entire “in” season of racing for one fee of $595 which includes 11 races (and possible 35 races) including the Boat of Year competition.