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(2-3B = 2-3 buoy races; 1D = distance race, etc.) 


2017                  Sponsor    Races         Race                                       Locale            _______

09/01                 NSYC  1D                  Labor of Love                               SW FL – St Petersburg

09/03                 NSYC  1D                  Return to Paradise                    St. Petersburg to SW FL

10/06-08           CMCS 1D, 2-3B        *Summerset   (not SWFLSail)   Ft. Myers Beach

11/4                 NSYC  3-5B               Commodore’s Cup                      Naples Keewaydin

11/11                GCSC  3-5B               Festival of the Islands               Ft. Myers Beach

12/09                 BOTH  1-D                Ft. Myers Offshore/Naples         Midpoint              Entry/Documents

NEW YEAR    2018

1/06                  GCSC  2-3B               New Year’s Cup                          Naples        Entry/Documents

2/10                  CMCS 3-5B               Winter Cup                                   Ft. Myers Beach

3/10                  BOTH 1-D                Spring Regatta                              Midpoint

3/24-25             GCSC  3-5B             GCSC Classic Regatta                 Naples Keewaydin

4/07-08             SAMI   3-5B             Bud Light Regatta                       Marco-Keewaydin

4/28                  NSYC  3-5B               Messmer Cup                               Naples Keewaydin

5/10-12              NSYC 1-D                 Race to Reality                          Ft. Myers – St. Pete SPYC

5/13-14             NSYC  1-D­­­­                 Return to Reality                       St. Pete SPYC – Ft. Myers