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                                   Southwest BOTY Florida Regattas



Date                    Event         Races                                       Locale            ____

10/4-6     Summerset  Regatta  by CMCS     Not included in SWFLSAIL      RACE RESULTS


10/26       Naples Commodore’s Cup     by NSYC-Commodores Cup Results 2019

11/16       Festival of the Islands                         by CMCS    RACE RESULTS

11/23 Ladies Day Regatta by SAMI (not part of SWFLsail)  RESULTS

12/7          Ft. Myers to Naples Offshore      by GCSC      RACE RESULTS

01/4          GCSC New Year’s Cup                           by GCSC   RACE RESULTS

02/8          CMCS Commodore’s Cup                    by CMCS   SI & NOR

02/22        Naples to Ft. Myers Offshore           by CMCS  RACE RESULTS

03/21         GCSC Classic Regatta                           by GCSC  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

03/22         GCSC Classic Regatta Awards Brunch @ NSYC

04/4-5       SAMI Bud Light                                      by SAMI

04/25         Messmer Cup                                         by NSYC

05/15-16  Ft. Myers to Tampa Bay                     by NSYC

05/23-24  Tampa Bay to Ft. Myers by NSYC (& DIYC)

March 2 2019 – Uploaded the list of annual regatta sponsors here.

Jan 29th- Uploaded the fall SW FL SAILING 2019-2020 REGATTA Calendar

Please note that GCSC also administers the website which allows you to sign up for the entire “in” season of racing for one fee of $595 which includes 11 races (and possible 35 races) including the Boat of Year competition.