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The first Commodore of the Gulf Coast Sailing Club, when established in 1974, was Bob Utter, and club meetings were held at Cambier Park. Since that time, our Club has brought the fun of sailing to Southwest Florida under the leadership of our Commodores and Board of Directors. We recognize the tremendous contribution of our volunteer Commodores.

1974 Commodore, Bob Utter 1975 Commodore, John Kackley 1976 Commodore, Bob Utter 1977 Commodore, Chet Chetwynd
1978 Commodore, Thomas Grogan 1979 Commodore, Jerry Hartwig 1981 Commodore, Owen Waggoner 1980 Commodore, Linda Chetwynd
1982 Commodore, Tom Gross 1983 Commodore, Linda Tamulaites 1984 Commodore, Linda Chetwynd 1985 Commodore, Bob Harrington
1986 Commodore, Paul Baschon 1987 Commodore, Steve Boe 1988 Commodore, Tom McElroy 1989 Commodore, John Penner
1990 Commodore, Bill Diamond 1991 Commodore, George Koch 1992 Commodore, King Purton 1993 Commodore, Joe Bonness III
1994 Commodore, Joe Bonness III 1995 Commodore, Bill Lagan 1996 Commodore, Mac McLaughlin 1997 Commodore, Mac McLaughlin
1998 Commodore, Phillip Francoeur, Jr. 1999 Commodore, Elizabeth Bloch 2000 Commodore, Mark Mueller 2001 Commodore, Laurie Heaver
2002 Commodore, Laurie Heaver 2003 Commodore, Sam Johnson 2004 Commodore, Sam Johnson 2005 Commodore, Steve Wallace
2006 Commodore, Coleen Walsh 2007 Commodore, Tom Horner 2008 Commodore, Judy Hansen 2009 Commodore, Lisa Brice
2010 Commodore, Jim Gunderson 2011 Commodore, Jorge Velasquez 2012 Commodore, Jorge Velasquez 2013 Commodore, Elizabeth Bloch
2014 Commodore, Maurice Scully 2015 Commodore, Maurice Scully 2016 Commodore, Maurice Scully 2017 Commodore, Paul Carlson
2018 Commodore, Seaby Bess 2019 Commodore, Seaby Bess 2020 Commodore, Bruce Harris

Gulf Coast Sailing Club
P.O. Box 2121
Naples, FL 34106
United States of America
Gulf Coast Sailing Club